Mexican Ministries of Health Approve Use of Social Monitoring in State Health Centers

Mexican Ministries of Health Approve Use of Social Monitoring in State Health Centers

In August 2016, Ministry of Health authorities from Hidalgo, Oaxaca, and San Luis Potosí states approved the use of social monitoring in 13 health centers. Mexfam, the Ampliando el Acceso local partner in Mexico, received permission to implement their social monitoring work plan in these health centers as a result of their advocacy.

To conduct the social monitoring, Mexfam interviewed a range of stakeholders, including adolescents who use contraceptive services, service providers, warehouse managers, health center directors, and government representatives from the Family Planning and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Program.

Mexfam has simultaneously strengthened local capacity for social monitoring by training “youth promoters.” The training focused on conducting social audits and fostering advocacy and political engagement. It also provided knowledge on adolescent sexual and reproductive health rights and contraceptive methods.

The trained youth promoters tested Mexfam’s social monitoring tools at Mexfam clinics. After the ministries’ approval, the promoters applied the monitoring tools in the 13 state health clinics in August and September.

Since November Mexfam analyzed the collected information and developed evidence-based actions to improve access to contraceptives for adolescents. Mexfam will be sharing the results soon.
Ampliando El Acceso, or “Expanding Access” is a one-year, independently funded project launched by Advance Family Planning (AFP) and the International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR). The project seeks to expand access to contraceptive information and services for youth in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico by strengthening local advocacy efforts.

Photo courtesy of Mexfam

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