WHO summary guidance: Task shifting to improve access to contraceptive methods (Eng/Fr)

The WHO OptimizeMNH guidance contains evidence-based recommendations for the safe provision of key maternal and newborn health interventions by different cadres of health workers. This document summarizes the WHO recommendations on the cadres ranging from lay health workers to mid-level providers that may be trained and supported to provide the following contraceptive methods safely: tubal ligation, vasectomy, intrauterine device (IUD), implants, injectables, as well as promotional activities. The process of enabling additional cadres to provide a specific health intervention is referred to here as ‘task shifting’ but is also widely known as ‘task sharing’.

This summary includes:

All recommendations from the World Health Organization OptimizeMNH guidance that relate to family planning.

Not included:

The OptimizeMNH recommendations also cover other maternal and newborn health care services. Recommendations relating to these services are not described in this summary but are covered in other summary documents. Please visit www.optimizemnh.org for further information on recommendations for task sharing other types of maternal and newborn health care.

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