Uganda’s National Population Council is inaugurated; Dr. Jotham Musinguzi is Director General

The National Population Council of Uganda was inaugurated on November 24, 2015. The autonomous government body will oversee the country’s population, reproductive health, and family planning policies.
The Director General is Dr. Jotham Musinguzi, Regional Director of Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO). Several other local senior family planning champions took office as well, including Professor Florence Mirembe as Vice Chairperson, Professor Mbonye as a member, and Dr. John Ssekamate as board member.
The composition of the Council is as follows:

  • The Chairperson;
  • The Vice Chairperson;
  • Two Members;
  • The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry responsible for finance;
  • One representative, at level of Commissioner or its equivalent, from;
  • The Uganda National Bureau of statistics;
  • The National Planning Authority;
  • The National Council of Higher Education;
  • The Immigration and Citizen Board;
  • The Equal Opportunities Commission;
  • The Ministry responsible for Health;
  • One representative from civil society organizations;
  • The Director General.

AFP partners Reproductive Health Uganda and PPD ARO contributed to the advocacy win in 2013 when the Ugandan Parliament passed the National Population Council bill.

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