Research Summary: Acceptability of Depo-subQ in Uniject, Now Called "Sayana Press"

FHI 360's PROGRESS project worked with ministries of health and local partners in Senegal and Uganda to conduct an acceptability study of the contraceptive injectable depo-subQ provera 104,® as administered through the Uniject injection system. The study assessed acceptability among family planning clients and providers, including community health workers, and offered recommendations for the introduction of this method. This brief summarizes results of the study.

Researchers anticipate that Uniject-administered depo-subQ, also known as Sayana® Press, will improve access to family planning services by providing an affordable and safe contraceptive option through community-based providers in remote areas. Pfizer developed depo-subQ, a subcutaneously injected formulation of the drug depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA or the brand name Depo-Provera®). The collaborative efforts of PATH, Becton Dickenson and Pfizer make this DMPA formulation available in Uniject — a prefilled, autodisable injection system that is appropriate for low-resource settings.

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