Repositioning Family Planning in Senegal (Eng)

The Repositioning Family Planning initiative was established to ensure that family planning remains a priority for donors, policymakers, and service providers in sub-Saharan Africa in an era in which HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis programs dominate the global health agenda and receive a majority of available resources. Many countries noted the lack a mechanism for assessing the success of repositioning family planning efforts (Judice and Snyder, 2012). In 2011, in response to this gap, the MEASURE Evaluation Population and Reproductive Health project developed a results framework to assess efforts to reposition family planning. The Framework for Monitoring and Evaluating Efforts to Reposition Family Planning can be used by international donors, governments, and health programs to evaluate their efforts; identify gaps in strategies to reposition family planning in countries; and inform funding decisions, program design, policy and advocacy, and program planning and improvement (Judice and Snyder, 2012). In 2012, Futures Group, with funding from the Hewlett Foundation, applied the framework to assess Senegal's progress in repositioning family planning. This report presents the results of this application, which can serve as a baseline for future assessments.  See more at:

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