Government of Uttar Pradesh Funds New Family Planning Program Review Meetings

On October 25, 2014, AFP partner Population Foundation of India (PFI) achieved its second quick win—the Government of India through the National Health Mission (NHM) approved quarterly review meetings at the divisional level in Uttar Pradesh to prioritize and strengthen their family planning program. A separate budget line of Rs. 16.4 lakhs (approximately US $26,000) to fund the meetings has been added in the NHM’s program implementation plan.

PFI worked closely with the Department of Health and Family Welfare (DoHFW) and State Innovations for Family Planning Services Project Agency (SIFPSA) to initiate the review; advocate for the budget line; and bring to the forefront the family planning agenda at the state, divisional, and district levels.

The review meetings will aid in tracking the progress and expenditures of the family planning program on a regular basis. This will provide opportunities for concrete inputs to improve the family planning program and identify areas that require additional funds. The meetings also have the potential to increase engagement of health officials on family planning at the state and national levels. While nearly 100 programs are reviewed every month at the divisional level, family planning has thus far not been one of them.

PFI has started working with the DoHFW and SIFPSA to develop the agenda and checklist for the review meetings, scheduled to begin from December 2014. PFI will be actively involved in some of the initial review meetings including analyzing the HMIS data and the recently-approved program implementation plans for family planning.

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