Endorsement Letter from District Secretary to Head of Sub-Districts in Lumajang (English & Bahasa)


Lumajang, February 5, 2015
Number: 081.2/15.4/427.64/2015                  

To: Head of Sub-districts in Lumajang
Subject: Village support on FP Program 2015

In effort to improve Family Program, especially IUD acceptors coverage and accordance with Head District Regulation No. 61/2014 on Guideline of Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget Development (APBDes) in fiscal year 2015, then asked for your following attention:
1.    Head sub districts should facilitate the support for FP program:
a.    Minimum of budget allocation 1.500.000 rupiah ($150) in Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget Development (APBDes) in 2015. If APBDes has been regulated on village regulation, it should allocate through The Changes of Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (P-ABDes) 2015.
b.    Amount of budget allocation 1.500.000 rupiah ($150) used to finance the acquisition of 10 people as IUD acceptors that 150,000 rupiah ($15) per person.
•    IUD acceptor : 100.000 rupiah ($10) (Meal and transport fee)
•    Cadre incentive : 50.000 rupiah ($5) (Cadre incentive who were able to persuade and refer the IUD acceptor)
So if it has been budgeted more than 1.500.000 rupiah ($150), it should pay attention to the details of the use of budget.
c.    Source of budget is 70% of village budget allocation (ADD) on community empowerment and or other legitimate sources of budget.
2.    Integrated coordination to the effective implementation among all institutions in sub-district and village level, such as: Community Health Centers (Puskemas), FP field officers (PLKB) and others institutions that support the acceleration of Family Planning program achievement.

Thus this is to be considered and implemented. Thank You.
District Secretary    

dr. Buntaran Suprianto, M.Kes    
Carbon copies:
1.    Vice of District Head Lumajang
2.    Head of District Health Office Lumajang
3.    Head of Community Empowerment Office (DPM) Lumajang
4.    District inspector of Lumajang
5.    Head of the Law Division District Secretariat Lumajang
6.    Head of the Village Government Division District Secretariat Lumajang

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