Policy Developments

Advance Family Planning (AFP) shares the vision of the 2012 London Family Planning Summit and the ongoing efforts of FP2020 to launch a global movement that will give an additional 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries access to lifesaving family planning information, services and supplies by 2020.

AFP’s contribution to fulfilling this vision is to work with policymakers in the developed and developing world to fulfill commitments made to:

  1. increase funds for family planning,
  2. remove policy barriers to family planning, and
  3. raise awareness of how family planning increases socioeconomic development and improves health.

AFP’s contribution to achieving significantly greater access to and use of family planning services rests on local leadership and locally driven agendas as well as a policymaker-centric, highly focused advocacy approach which takes advantage of the FP2020 coordination and other policy developments.

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