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Pathfinder International’s mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live healthy sexual and reproductive lives. For more than 55 years, Pathfinder has championed access to high-quality health services, from contraception and maternal care to HIV prevention and AIDS care and treatment. Pathfinder International has been present in Nigeria for more than 40 years developing local capacity to deliver and manage high quality RH programs in addressing maternal and newborn health. Current program portfolio includes projects in MNH, family planning advocacy and service delivery, and HIV/AIDS in eleven states.

In support of the AFP project, Pathfinder’s goal is to work with the Government of Nigeria to help fulfill its commitment to the FP2020 goal to increase the modern contraceptive prevalence rate to 36% by 2018. Through coordinated advocacy efforts, Pathfinder will work at the sub-national level in Lagos, Kwara, Gombe and Kebbi states and possibly additional states in subsequent years. Advocacy will be targeted to ensure states prioritize family planning through increased budgetary commitments and implementation of relevant policies that support family planning.


1) Reposition family planning in Lagos state through the creation of an advocacy network.

2) Improve access to quality, rights-based family planning services by addressing policy and budgetary barriers for services and commodities.

3) Facilitate the involvement of civil society voice in budgeting for FP and tracking the release of funds for FP services by the year 2017

4) Co-convene with Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria an Accelerating Contraceptive Choice meeting of stakeholders from six states and the FCT.

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Dr. Farouk M Jega

Country Representative, Pathfinder International Nigeria

Dr. Jega is the project lead and responsible for donor relations and leading advocacy and engagement with higher level government partners and stakeholders. Farouk is an obstetrician/ gynecologist physician with over six years of leadership experience in managing complex reproductive health programs. He is an active member of the National Reproductive Health Technical Working Group and the Nigeria Independent Accountability Mechanism.

Dr. Habeeb Salami

Program Manager Reproductive Health, Pathfinder International Nigeria

Dr. Salami is responsible for overall project management and oversight. He will lead the monitoring and supervision of the project. He is a medical doctor with specialization in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Salami has a Masters of Public Health and more than six years of experience in public health project management, with a focus on monitoring and evaluation. He also serves on various government committees to improve contraceptive commodity security in the country.

Dr. Fatima Tumsah

Project Officer, Pathfinder International Nigeria

Dr. Tumsah is responsible for project implementation, including work planning, budgeting, monitoring, and supervision. She is the main liaison between the various state government agencies and civil society stakeholders. She will organize advocacy strategy facilitations with each advocacy working group in the project focus states and provide technical assistance and monitoring of implementation. She is a medical doctor with a Master of Science in with a research focus on reproductive and sexual health.


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